InfoSCHUL - Background and Objectives

InfoSCHUL is the abbreviation of "Nutzung elektronischer und multimedialer Informationsquellen in SCHULen" (Usage of Electronic and Multimedia Information Sources in Schools). InfoSCHUL is a special supportive measure within the framework of the initiative "Schulen ans Netz" of the German Federal Ministry for Education und Research (BMBF) and Deutsche Telekom AG. InfoSCHUL was launched at the beginning of the school term 1997/98.

InfoSCHUL supports projects which demonstrate how electronic and multimedia information sources can be used during subject lessons rsp. for the independent application by pupils.

InfoSCHUL is concerned with applying the rapidly growing so-called "Global Digital Library for Science and Technology" to schools. Furthermore, InfoSCHUL projects are to contribute to the task of implementing the handling of scientific literature, data and facts gathered from electronic sources as an integral part of university-level graduation.

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Who takes part in InfoSCHUL?

Within InfoSCHUL, working groups and special classes in the German Sekundarstufe II (secondary phase) of schools participate. All of these schools already are experienced in the use of computers and networks.

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What does an InfoSCHUL project look like?

During the first stage of InfoSCHUL (school term 1997/98) 91 projects in total were supported. They mostly focused on a specific subject; if necessary including adjacent areas. The result of each project should allow to answer to the following questions:

In the second stage InfoSCHUL 2 (school term 1998/99), 43 projects are supported which focus on transfering the results of successful reference projects at one school to further subjects at the same school, to other schools, to institutions in the field of teachers´ training or to information suppliers (e.g. publishers of school books).

Each of the projects is granted DM 20,000. The participating schools have to contribute part of the financing.

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What has been achieved so far?

The InfoSCHUL projects have lead to the following remarkable results:

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- Sponsorship

The success of InfoSCHUL was significantly pushed by the support of sponsors among important information providers and numerous local experts supporting the project teams with their knowledge and experience in information topics. Those experts - most of them participating free of charge - are a.o. universities, companies, libraries and information brokers.

The following information providers generously support InfoSCHUL by giving access to their respective online services, reduced training course fees etc.):

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Where can I find further information?

As InfoSCHUL is embedded in the initiative "Schulen ans Netz", the office of Schulen ans Netz e.V.( is an important contact point to the participating schools. Furthermore, an external project coordinator is available as a consultant to InfoSCHUL project managers.

Project results are open to further schools. More information is available on the web, URL:

InfoSCHUL has been able to gain broad attention in the press, at fairs and exhibitions.

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Site map InfoSCHUL projects


IMAGE-MAP: Deutschlandkarte mit InfoSCHUL-Teilnehmern

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Examples of successful InfoSCHUL projects

Staatliche Berufsschule Neumarkt - Infofarm

Alfred-Delp-Schule Dieburg - Okologie eines Riffs

BBS 22 Höfestraße - ARGUS  Informationssystem zum Arbeits-, Gesundheits- und Umweltschutz in Schulen


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